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Shoe cover dispenser

Automatic shoe cover dispenser, such as those used in clinics, used in outpatient surgery centers or in sterile rooms.

Application: Simply step into the dispenser with your foot. Once the foot is on the ground, a disposable shoe is automatically pulled around the foot.


This dispenser allows in a simple and convenient way to put on overshoes. This makes it also very suitable for use in visitor interlocks, because it provides a well-fitting shoe cover quickly and without effort. The purely mechanical shoe cover saves the tedious donning of overshoes. The user simply places his foot in the dispenser and the disposable shoe is automatically put on.


In addition to the above application, this model is also particularly suitable for the food industry, suitable for the catering industry or laboratories and research facilities.

Also in old people’s and nursing homes or in the private sector, soiling of the floor is prevented in a simple and convenient way.


With compact dimensions of 440 x 228 x 142 mm and a weight of only 2.2 kg, this dispenser requires hardly any space.



Item no. 8030-010


Housing color: gray

Scope of supply: 1 pack = 100 pcs nylon overshoes, color blue


The nylon overshoes can be ordered and delivered in appropriate packaging units at any time.



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