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Rhinojet booster station

Rhinojet Advanced booster pumps are placed in production rooms in the food industry. They are pumping units that can increase the pressure of the water.

They function only as pumps and are not equipped with injector systems. The stations are made of specially designed stainless steel AISI316 and are equipped with frequency controlled Grundfos pumps, which are awarded with blue flux as energy efficient.


Rhinojet Printer Hoover

The cabinets have sandblasted surfaces and hygienic design in sloping roof design.

All Rhinojet compressors are equipped with Grundfos CRNE non-self-priming, vertical, multistage centrifugal pumps.

The pump is equipped with an IEC flange, MGE three-phase motor with frequency converter and PI controller, which is integrated in the motor terminal box. No additional motor protection is required. Motor and electronics are protected by integrated overload and temperature protection.


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