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Lifting and tilting device mobile on rail

Designed for emptying 200- and 300-liter standard charging trolleys (Tote Bin) DIN 9797.


The lifting and tipping device on rail with a mobile tipping chute is designed for emptying 200 and 300 liter standard charging trolleys (Tote Bin) DIN 9797. Easy to operate and maintain.

The HKV can serve several vacuum tumblers in one line. The mobile tipping chute also enables the unloading of liquid products. Chain drive. The gear motor is equipped with an electric brake. The downward and upward movement follows a safety switching scheme (hold to run). A mechanical safety brake prevents the lifting fork from running down if the chain breaks. Recognizable cable ties. Lubricants approved in the food industry. Hygienic design. Available in different versions, depending on the position and height of the tumbler.

The machine housing is completely made of stainless steel, material EN 1.4301 / AISI 304. The HKV meets the high CE requirements and EU and USDA regulations.

Available in various tipping heights!

technichal data:

E-connection: 380-415V / 50 Hz

Engine power: 0.9 kw

Max. Tilting-degree: 33°

Load capacity: max. 300 kg


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