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Hands soap dispenser SA

A safe and automatic soap dispenser for hands.

Forced guidance by turnstile release.


The vending machine detects the person via a sensor, a pleasant light in the chamber removes any inhibition and only when both hands have been detected by the sensors, the soap is dispensed through 2 nozzles. Then the turnstile opens for the further procedure in the hygiene sluice to the hand wash basin or to the wash trough for washing hands.

Passage capacity of up to 120 people in 10 minutes in production direction.

Product details:


  • hygienic design and compact construction
  • consistently made of stainless steel 1.4301 or higher quality
  • Chemical canister left or right
  • Control lamps for input and output
  • Logo control, any function times easily adjustable
  • Turnstile interior complete stainless steel 1.4301
  • System construction



  • Versions: left or right arrangement of the soap dispenser.
  • Wall mounting
  • Potential-free contact for registering the working time or as access control
  • Potential-free contact for door opener or traffic light control


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