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Foil winder

Semi-automatic stretch winder in VA design

  • automatic program run
  • Winding program PLC controlled

Spiral winding

Cross winding


Cover sheet/rain program

  • preselectable foot windings 1-9
  • preselectable head windings 1-9
  • optical height sensing by photocell
  • electronic, smooth start-up and run-down of the turntable
  • Warning signal at program start
  • adjustable turntable speed

Adjustable turntable speed 0-100

  • Turntable rotations max. 6.4 rpm-1 (with turntable diameter 1500 mm)

according to EN 415-6 valid from 29.12.2009

  • Fixed stop of the turntable
  • Increased safety – no twisting of the turntable during loading


  • adjustable carriage speed

adjustable carriage speed 0-100 %

  • manually adjustable foil brake
  • foldable column
  • Carriage with sliding guide


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